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the v-day party! :)

cara and alyssa got to jenni's around 5:30 yesterday and we headed out to camp.

camp was SOOOOO much fun!! haha we played this game like 10 fingers only instead of putting down fingers, you had to drink 1/3 cup of code red. the first person to pee their pants or puke loses. well i peed my pants (HAHA) and then alyssa went outside and power puked. then cara hung her ass over the deck and peed. it looked like fun so i tried it too. haha.

then alyssa went snowboarding in her swimsuit, a hat, and boots (one boot actually). we took pictues. it was funny!! haha.

at about 2:00 this morning, we all went for a walk. cara didn't wanna go so she went back to camp and played solitaire. me jenni and alyssa kept walkin, and then we turned around at the fork (spork??). we played marry had a little lamb with our feet!!

when we got back to camp, me and cara played crazy eights, and we all went to bed around 3:30. jenni's mom woke us up this morning at about quarter to nine, brought jenni cara and alyssa to church, and i'm home!
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