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Heres the list of people that i have that i asked or am sposed to ask:

1) me
2) Ese
3) Kelly
4) Leslie
5) Jenna
6) Aubrie
7) Brittany Conroy
8) David
9) Ray
10) Courtney
11) Callie
12) Jeremy
13) Andy Laks
14) Ashley
15) Mat
16) Andy Hill
17) Dann
18) Greta
19) Katie
20) Gjeeh
21) Chad
22) Jessica
23) Cara
24) JD
25) Erika
26) Carl
27) Zogg

We're meeting at my house between 5:00 and 5:30.. so try to be there as close to 5, as you can. So far, we have Jenna, my mom and David that can drive, but if anyone else can, let me know.

Please bring some kind of pop or chips or something of that sort. If you can, let me know what you're bringing so we don't have a bunch of the same thing and nothing of the other.

The girls are sleeping there((besides kelly and jenna)) and the guys are going home whenever the other people decide they're going into town.

The party is not only for Elise's coming home-ness, but for her birthday, and for Gjeeh's too, so if you wanna bring presents for them, feel free haha.

comment if you plan on coming, what you can bring and if you could drive.

thank ya,
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